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Apple Watch is such a versatile and useful device, making it one of the hottest smartwatches on the market. Whether you use your Apple Watch to track your fitness progress, stay connected with loved ones, or just access some of your smartphone apps conveniently on your wrist, you know that investing in durable accessories is important to protecting your valuable tech. Fortunately, here at our blog we have rounded up all the latest Apple Watch news and tips for getting the best bands so that you can take full advantage of everything this amazing personal assistant device has to offer! So don't wait any longer - start exploring what this technological powerhouse can do today by browsing our selection of must-have bands!

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Best Apple Watch Ultra Reviews

Are you looking for a new smartwatch that offers you all the features and apps, plus extra fitness and health benefits? Look no further than the Apple Watch Ultra. This innovative, yet stylish desi...

Apple Watch Ultra GPS Independence

Apple Watch Ultra GPS Independence

Since the release of the Series 2 model six years ago, the Apple Watch has featured its own GPS. When possible, the watch has also used the iPhone's GPS. With the most recent batch of Apple Watch ...

How to change your apple watch band | Infinity Loops

How To Replace or Remove Your Apple Watch Bands

1. Lay your apple watch face down. 2. Locate the small buttons close to the top and bottom of the Apple Watch back. 3. Push and hold the button and slide the band out to either side to remove it....

What is the best band for Apple Watch | Infinity Loops

What is the Best Band Type for Apple Watch?

What is the Best Band Type for Apple Watch?The Apple Watch is a popular device that has become increasingly popular over the years. It offers a variety of features and functions, but one of the mo...

Apple Watch Link Bracelet | Infinity Loops

Adjusting Your Apple Watch Link Bracelet

Removing the Link Bracelet To safely remove the Link Bracelet from your Apple Watch, be sure to separate it into two pieces first. Keep in mind that too much force or twisting may cause damage to b...

How to Choose the Right Apple Watch Band for Your Ultra

How to Choose the Right Apple Watch Band for Your Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is designed to handle rougher activities such as hiking, running, diving and other extreme sports. But in order to get the most out of your watch during these activities, you ...