Apple Releases Third Beta of watchOS 10.4 to Developers

Apple Releases Third Beta of watchOS 10.4 to Developers

Apple has recently distributed the third beta version of its forthcoming watchOS 10.4 update to developers for evaluation, arriving just one week after the release of the second beta of watchOS 10.4.

Developers eager to install the watchOS 10.4 update must navigate to the Apple Watch app, proceed to the "General" section within Settings, and enable the watchOS 10 Developer Beta option. A developer account-associated Apple ID is necessary for access.

After enabling beta updates, the watchOS 10.4 version is available for download in the same Software Update section. For the installation to proceed, the Apple Watch should be charged to at least 50 percent and placed on its charger.

The watchOS 10.4 update introduces an array of new emoji characters, featuring a lime, a brown edible mushroom, a phoenix, a broken chain, and animations for nodding yes (a vertical head shake) and no (a horizontal head shake).

Additionally, it incorporates a Vision Pro setting that allows users to turn off the Double Tap function on the Apple Watch to prevent potential disruptions from hand gestures.

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