Control Your Tesla with Your Apple Watch?

Tesla enthusiasts could soon find themselves managing their vehicles via their Apple Watches, assuming Elon Musk's recent comments hold water. Musk, replying to an inquiry on social media about the possibility of integrating Tesla with the Apple Watch, simply stated, "Sure."

The realization of this integration, however, is still up in the air. There's no specified timeline for when such a feature could be rolled out. It appears this idea hadn't been considered until Musk's engagement with the social media query.

In an ideal scenario, a dedicated Tesla app on the Apple Watch would enable owners to lock and unlock their vehicles, preheat or cool the interior, toggle Sentry mode, and remotely start the vehicle, among other functionalities. Yet, Tesla has made no official announcements regarding the specifics of such features.

Despite the absence of a confirmed Tesla app, the Apple Watch is no stranger to controlling Tesla vehicles, thanks to third-party applications like Tessie and Stats available on the App Store.

Additionally, there has been a call from Tesla's customer base for the incorporation of Live Activities, allowing users to monitor their car's charging status directly from their watch. While Tesla has yet to respond to these requests, Rivian has already embraced the feature, even announcing last year its intention to enable the Apple Watch to function as a vehicle key.

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