Why You Should Wait for the Fall 2024 Apple Watch Updates

Why You Should Wait for the Fall 2024 Apple Watch Updates

Considering an upgrade to your Apple Watch or thinking about getting your first one? If your present smartwatch is ticking along without issues and it’s only the lure of a tempting deal that’s got you intrigued, it might be a good idea to wait a bit longer. Later this year, Apple is anticipated to reveal its most up-to-date version of the Apple Watch.

Several reliable sources hint that 2024 could be a pivotal year for the Apple Watch. Here are five reasons why you might want to keep your money in your pocket for the time being and look forward to the next generation model.

Significant Makeover Since the debut of the first Apple Watch in April 2015, nearly a decade has passed, and we are approaching the 10-year mark of Apple's foray into wearable technology. With this significant milestone ahead, there's buzz about a substantial 10-year anniversary upgrade potentially coming in 2024.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has hinted that Apple is considering a major revamp for the Apple Watch to celebrate its decade milestone. The company aims to slim down the Apple Watch with a more compact design and novel ways to connect bands. The new bands might use a magnetic attachment, allowing for increased space within the Apple Watch for larger batteries and other internal parts.

Jeff Pu, an analyst, and Ross Young, a display specialist, are betting on Apple developing a high-end watch featuring a 2.1-inch micro-LED display, possibly releasing in 2024 or 2025. This could be an enhancement to the Apple Watch Ultra instead of the Series 9. Apple might introduce different sizes, or the speculated "Apple Watch X" could be a larger model with a new case design and thinner bezels. MicroLED technology, more efficient than the current OLED in Apple Watches, offers better contrast, brighter colors, longer lifespan, and quicker response times.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Feature Bloomberg's Gurman also reports that Apple is planning to incorporate blood pressure monitoring into the Apple Watch by 2024. This feature is expected to alert users of increasing blood pressure trends.

Unlike traditional methods that measure blood pressure with an inflatable cuff around the arm, Apple's approach is said to gauge the heartbeat wave velocity through the arteries using sensors. However, initial versions may not provide precise systolic and diastolic readings.

Hypertension Detection In conjunction with the new blood pressure feature, the Apple Watch is set to identify instances of hypertension, or unusually high blood pressure. This system will offer an option to record activities during hypertension episodes, aiding in medical assessments. To prevent misdiagnosis, the Apple Watch will recommend consulting a doctor or using a traditional cuff for accurate blood pressure readings.

Sleep Apnea Detection Another anticipated feature in 2024 is the ability of the Apple Watch to detect sleep apnea, a disorder characterized by frequent breathing interruptions during sleep. Symptoms often include loud snoring and gasping for air.

Based on a November 2023 report from Bloomberg, the Apple Watch will utilize sleep history and breathing patterns to assess the likelihood of this condition, advising users to seek medical advice.

Upcoming Release Apple typically unveils new Apple Watch models in September, typically alongside the latest iPhone release, which for 2024 is expected to be the iPhone 16. However, Apple might have different plans, especially if it introduces a 10th anniversary "Apple Watch X" next year.

It’s worth remembering that the original Apple Watch was announced in September 2014 but wasn’t available until April 2015. So, Apple could select either date to mark the Apple Watch anniversary. Considering the Apple Watch Series 9 debuted in 2023, a Series 10 or "X" would be timely for 2024, though the "X" naming remains speculative.

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