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WatchOS 10 Beta 5 Hints at NameDrop Support for Apple Watch

The recent beta release of watchOS 10 has just unlocked a new capability for Apple Watch users: support for the anticipated NameDrop feature. This discovery was made by Aaronp613, a proficient code detective.

Introduced during the iOS 17 reveal, NameDrop is Apple's new iteration of the well-known AirDrop. Instead of the conventional method of typing in someone's number to initiate a call or text—thereby sharing your number—NameDrop lets you simply bring your iPhone close to another person's iPhone. This action initiates an automatic exchange of contact details.

Engaging two devices with this feature prompts a contact-sharing interface to emerge. By engaging with this popup, one can view the contact details and the Contact Poster of the other individual. Users are provided with choices to either "Receive Only" or to reciprocate by sharing their own contact information.

NameDrop is not restricted to just iPhones. It's functional between two iPhones equipped with iOS 17, an iOS 17 iPhone and an Apple Watch with watchOS 10, and even between two Apple Watches. This latter functionality can be witnessed via a new "My Card" sharing feature in the Contacts app, or by activating the My Card watch face complication.

Keep your calendars marked for September 12! Apple is gearing up to disclose further details and official release dates for iOS 17 and associated OS updates during the forthcoming iPhone 15 unveiling.

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