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Exploring the Future: Second-Generation Apple Watch Ultra Rumors

At Infinity Loops, we're always eager to share the latest tech news with our followers. Today, we're delving into the exciting possibilities that could emerge with the upcoming second-generation Apple Watch Ultra. These insights are sourced from Bloomberg's well-regarded reporter Mark Gurman.

Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Generation | Infinity Loops

Currently, the Apple Watch Ultra doesn't offer alternative case color choices, but intriguing information has surfaced. According to Gurman, Apple had deliberated introducing the luxury device in a "dark titanium" shade. Although the tech giant had thoroughly tested the color, the design team ultimately opted not to proceed with this variation for last year's model.

However, the darker shade isn't entirely off the cards. Gurman suggests that the company may reconsider this color for the upcoming model, particularly in light of the present device's success. It's worth noting that several case color options are already available for Apple Watch Series 8 and SE models.

In addition to color variations, the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra might undergo other significant transformations. Rumor has it that the device could be lighter than its predecessor. This speculation is based on a claim by Weibo user Setsuna Digital, who suggests that the next Apple Watch Ultra might weigh less due to the incorporation of 3D printed components.

The tech giant is also reportedly developing a new S9 chip, based on the technology embedded in the A15 chip, which powers the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and other devices. This new chip is expected to be utilized in the upcoming standard Apple Watch Series 9, as well as the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra.

As per tech industry tradition, Apple is likely to unveil its new Apple Watch models in September, potentially alongside its speculated iPhone 15 lineup.

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