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Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band - The Easy Rider 2.0

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COLOR: Rich Tan
SIZE (MM): 49

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Apple Watch Band with Military Discount


Caret Down

Ah, the open road... Infinite highways stretching into a horizon that dances with the setting sun, a symphony of chrome and leather roaring to the rhythm of freedom. We at Infinity Loops pay homage to that very essence with our Easy Rider Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band.

Every time you glance at your wrist, it's not just time you're checking. You're savoring a moment. You're experiencing the thrill of a lifetime on two wheels, the wind singing in your ears, the heartbeat of a powerful motorcycle engine beneath you. That's our Easy Rider Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band, an accessory not just for the modern man, but for the modern adventurer.

Meticulously crafted from genuine leather, the Easy Rider band is an ode to all things classic. It harks back to an era when motorcycles were not just machines, but vessels of raw, unfiltered passion. This Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band is available in three arresting colors, each reminiscent of the rugged hues of the open road – midnight black for the unfathomable night, earthy brown as a tribute to the dusty trails, and a rich tan for the endless stretch of desert under the golden sun.

This is not a mere watch band, it's an experience. Its design is a nod to the enduring spirit of leather motorcycle gear, rugged and timeless. Yet it adapts seamlessly to the smartness of your Apple Watch, creating an ensemble that is both resilient and refined. Whether you're navigating the concrete jungle or charting new territories on the back of a Harley, the Easy Rider band has been designed to journey with you.

Elevate your wrist game. Transform your Apple Watch into an emblem of adventure with the Easy Rider Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band. A symbol of the road, a badge of freedom, a tribute to the wanderer within you.

Infinity Loops: Because life, much like the road, is not about the destination... it's about the journey.

Does this band fit my Apple Watch?

Caret Down

YES: Apple Watch band widths have stayed consistent for all models with two width options.

Select the correct band width for your Apple Watch size.

  • Narrow Option: 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm
  • Wide Option: 42mm, 44mm, 45mm, 49mm (for Ultra)

How To Change Your Apple Watch Band

Caret Down