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Apple Watch Tactical Band - Tacticool 2.0

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COLOR: Army Green
SIZE (MM): 49

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Apple Watch Band with Military Discount


Caret Down

In a world of casual acquaintances, stand out as the commander.

Ah, dear friend, if your spirit yearns for the intoxicating thrill of adventure, I have a tale to share. Picture yourself in the wild, unchartered territories, equipped only with your wits, your indomitable will, and your Apple Watch, dressed not in its usual Sunday attire, but rather a more... tactical ensemble.

Enter the Tacticool 2.0 Apple Watch Tactical Band from the masters at Infinity Loops. Born from a mélange of engineering prowess and sartorial sophistication, this band is the ultimate accessory for the modern-day adventurer.

Each band is crafted, or should I say forged, in a quintet of military-inspired hues. From the endless abyss of Midnight Black, through the elusive shadows of Urban Gray, the gritty resilience of Army Green, the unfathomable depths of Air Force Blue, to the burning fire of International Orange. Each shade, an homage to the theatre of operations where courage and heroism take center stage.

Let your wrist not just tell time, but tell a tale, an epic saga of endurance and ruggedness. Allow me to emphasize, dear reader, this is not your average Apple Watch band. This is a Tactical Band, a silent partner in your day-to-day skirmishes, whether you're navigating the concrete jungle or blazing trails in the wilderness.

The Tacticool 2.0 does not merely hold your Apple Watch. It transforms it. The band equips your trusty timepiece with a new purpose, a new life. It enhances durability, commands respect, and gives you the confidence to face every challenge. It is a testament to the audacity of the human spirit, a perfect blend of technology and tactical finesse.

Every thread weaves a story of dedication, each color narrates a tale of valor. Infinity Loops has created a masterpiece, a symbiotic fusion of style and function. The Tacticool 2.0 Apple Watch Tactical Band, my dear friends, is not just a product; it is a commitment, a pledge to a life less ordinary.

Unleash the spirit of adventure. Equip yourself with the Tacticool 2.0. Become not just a man or woman of time, but a person of action. Infinity Loops awaits to welcome you into the league of the extraordinary. You are, after all, one simple click away from owning not just an Apple Watch Tactical Band, but a companion to share your life's adventures.



Material  Tightly woven cordura nylon
Band Length Up to 220mm
Fits All Apple Watch Models
Included in the box Apple Watch Band 

Does this band fit my Apple Watch?

Caret Down

YES: Apple Watch band widths have stayed consistent for all models with two width options.

Select the correct band width for your Apple Watch size.

  • Narrow Option: 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm
  • Wide Option: 42mm, 44mm, 45mm, 49mm (for Ultra)

How To Change Your Apple Watch Band

Caret Down