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Best Apple Watch Ultra Reviews

Are you looking for a new smartwatch that offers you all the features and apps, plus extra fitness and health benefits? Look no further than the Apple Watch Ultra. This innovative, yet stylish design provides all of the bells and whistles you could ever want from a wearable device. With this watch on your wrist, it's like having an entire team of experts at your fingertips 24/7 – tracking activity levels, monitoring sleep patterns, providing reminders to stay hydrated or move around during a sedentary day, giving navigation instructions during outdoor activities or simply keeping track of important notifications. Read on for my compilation of the best Apple Watch Ultra Reviews to see if this watch is right for you!
Apple Watch Ultra reviews from Apple Watch band store - Infinity Loops


Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Most Exciting Watch in Years

Even if you're not an endurance athlete, there's still plenty of reasons you might want the $799 (£849, AU$1,299) Apple Watch Ultra. It has a bigger battery, more durable titanium casing and a screen that's twice as bright as the Apple Watch Series 8. Like the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has reserved some key features for the Ultra that set it apart from the rest of the Apple Watch range. There's a dual-frequency GPS for more accurate tracking, extra microphones for improved voice calls and a customizable Action button to quickly start activities, or transition from one leg of a triathlon to another.  

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Apple Watch Ultra review: Actually, the best Apple Watch for most people this year

And yet, having tested my Apple Watch Ultra for a few weeks, I"ve noticed something shocking – it doesn't feel nearly as exclusive as Apple's initial video presentation might have you believe. It's correct to say the Apple Watch Ultra isn't for everyone. And yet, I'm more than comfortable recommending it to the 99% of the people in the world who don't ocean dive, climb mountains, or whatever else hardcore athletes and other adventurers do regularly. 

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Apple Watch Ultra Review: Big And Expensive, But A Powerful Tool For The Adventurous

Apple Watch Ultra certainly lives up to its moniker, and will undoubtedly be hard to exclude from our list of the best smartwatches. After all, it represents the most dramatic update ever to Apple’s smartwatch lineup, and it does so with a completely different design, a bigger display and more sensors than found on Apple Watch Series 8. The resulting smartwatch has deep capabilities aimed at lovers of the extreme—sports, activities and environments.

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Apple Watch Ultra review: Nearly perfect niche

Perhaps it’s because I’ve worn the larger 44mm and 45mm sizes of previous Apple Watches, but I generally didn’t find the extra weight noticeable. Sometimes when I wore the strap slightly loose I could feel the extra momentum as it moved about, but I wasn’t aware of having to work hard to lift my arm up. Your mileage may and probably will vary if you’re used to a smaller model, but Apple has done a good job of hiding the weight.

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Apple Watch Ultra Review: 5 Key Features That Can Lure Garmin and Suunto Devotees

But even more pleasing is that you can program the Action Button, which is on the left side of the Watch, to instantly enter into a workout. There’s no more toggling through menus to get to the Workout app. Further, you can “micro program” that, so it pulls up the specific kind of workout you do most frequently. On the opposite side of the Watch, both the Digital Crown is larger, with chunkier knurling, and it’s protected. You’re not going to hit that by accident. The side button on that right side of the Ultra case is also larger. Again, this is to enable you to feel this switchgear more easily, and it does make a difference.

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