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Apple Watch Ultra versus Apple Watch Ultra 2 - Buyer's Guide

Apple Watch Ultra Versus Ultra 2

In 2023, Apple added a second generation Apple Watch Ultra to its line-up. Decked out now with a recycled titanium frame, a brighter display, added siri features, and a battery that just keeps going, its always exciting to see these annual advancements. With the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra now being replaced and its prices dipping in third-party markets, many are contemplating if they should buy or upgrade to the first or the newer second-gen Ultra.

Both Apple Watch Ultra versions are almost identical, feature-wise. So, is it worth saving some cash and sticking with or buying the older model? Let's take a look at what the second generation offers as compared to its predecessor. 

Apple Watch Ultra Versus Apple Watch Ultra 2

Differences Between The Two

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 isn't a major leap from its predecessor. The main upgrades? An S9 chip, the unique Double Tap feature, and the Precision Finding, tailored for iPhone 15 users. Given these changes, it's a challenge to suggest it's worth the upgrade.

For owners of the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra, jumping to the Ultra 2 may seem unnecessary. However, if you're switching from a much older Apple Watch, or venturing into the Apple Watch realm for the first time, the latest model will likely be appealing. This is particularly true if you're a HomePod aficionado, eyeing the iPhone 15 with its Precision Finding, wanting more storage space for media, or are intrigued by the one-handed Double Tap functionality.

Price Matters

When it comes to price tags, the two models are close, but with a significant difference. The Ultra 2 comes in at $799. But if the new features aren’t on your must-have list, and you spot the original model for under $650, then the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra might be the smarter economic choice. It remains a worthy purchase, especially with discounted rates now making it even more appealing.

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