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What Apple Watch Bands fit the Apple Watch Ultra

For those wondering if their existing Apple Watch bands will work with the Apple Watch Ultra, the good news is, "yes." Bands designed for the prior 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm Apple Watch models are fully compatible with the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra. However, if you're aiming to make the most of its adventurous design, you might want to consider a more nuanced approach.

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While older Apple Watch bands will securely fit the larger Apple Watch Ultra, they may not aesthetically match its considerable bulk. The Apple Watch Ultra marks the most significant leap in size for Apple's wearables, rendering many older bands looking undersized against its rugged appeal.

Throughout the years, Apple has been commendably consistent in maintaining band compatibility across its Apple Watch lineup. Bands from the Series 0 to Series 8 era remain versatile, allowing users to seamlessly transition from one model to another without the need for new bands.

Apple Watch bands have always adhered to two standard widths: small and large. The small bands cater to the 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm Apple Watch models, while the larger bands are designed for the 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm models, including the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra.

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Even with the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 4's larger 40mm and 44mm sizes, the casing size barely increased by 0.7mm for the smaller model and 1.6mm for the larger one. This subtle change allowed for seamless compatibility with existing bands.

With the Series 7's minimal width adjustments, the 45mm model maintained the same 38mm width as the previous models, while the 41mm model increased only by a single millimeter. This year's Apple Watch Series 8 also retained the same physical dimensions as its predecessor, ensuring a smooth band transition.

However, with the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra, the dynamics have changed. Its massive 49mm screen and 44mm casing width mark a 6mm increase from the Series 8. Though Apple has skillfully positioned the mounts to accommodate existing Apple Watch bands, the Ultra's enhanced dimensions make it noticeably larger and 3.7mm thicker.

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To complement the Apple Watch Ultra's rugged design, Infinity Loops offers a collection of brand-new and unique Apple Watch bands for all activities and situations. Crafted for the adventurous outdoors, from mountain climbing and hiking to diving. Be sure to take a look at our premium Titanium Bands.

While you technically can use standard Apple Watch bands with the Apple Watch Ultra, it's essential to consider your style and purpose. The Apple Watch Ultra is a statement piece, designed for serious and demanding outdoor activities. Embrace the adventurous spirit with an Apple Watch band that matches the boldness of Apple's premium wearable.

Unlock the full potential of your Apple Watch Ultra with an Infinity Loops band that mirrors your adventurous lifestyle and sets the stage for incredible experiences in the great outdoors. Embrace the future of outdoor tech and embark on your thrilling escapades with the Apple Watch Ultra.

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