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Apple Watch Ultra 3 Development Yet To Begin

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple appears to be dragging its heels on initiating the development of a third installment for the Apple Watch Ultra series. Consequently, the odds of seeing a new version roll out in 2024 are dwindling.

When Apple showcased the second iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra in 2023, it was clear they followed the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The device didn't flaunt any drastic changes but did boast improvements like a brighter display, faster speed, and the addition of the Double Tap feature via watchOS 10.1.

Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that no groundwork has begun on what most would assume to be titled Apple Watch Ultra 3. In his own words: "As of now, Apple has yet to kick off the Apple Watch Ultra 3 development officially."

He further asserted that if development doesn't start by December, it virtually guarantees the absence of a new Apple Watch Ultra model for 2024. Kuo's insights often blend supply chain facts with his seasoned interpretations, and this occasion is no different. While the level of certainty for the absence of development is ambiguous, Kuo speculates the delay could be due to Apple's intent to incorporate groundbreaking health features and resolve manufacturing issues, particularly concerning microLED production.

Kuo also foresees some repercussions for Apple's tardiness. He predicts that if 2024 passes without a new Apple Watch Ultra, shipments could slump by as much as 20 to 30 percent for that specific model, and total Apple Watch shipments could dip by 10 percent, to roughly 35 million units.

This aligns with another recent rumor that also hinted at a 2025 release for the next Apple Watch Ultra, specifically mentioning the incorporation of a microLED display. Such a screen could make the watch's display exponentially brighter than the existing OLED technology while also being more energy-efficient, thereby enhancing battery longevity.

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