Apple Watch Ultra 2 - Series 9 iFixit Teardown

Apple Watch Ultra 2 - Series 9 iFixit Teardown - Minimal Changes

iFixit has taken apart the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and they've also disassembled the Series 9. Interestingly, no major internal differences were spotted. Despite the buzz about the new Double Tap feature, the teardowns didn't unveil any corresponding new hardware—hinting that it's likely just a software upgrade on the existing accessibility functions. The video really serves more as a cautionary tale than instructional content, showcasing the difficulty involved in taking apart either watch model. This is largely due to the minuscule screws and a generous amount of stubborn adhesive.

These screws are tiny compared to this basmati rice. Plus this bracket hole is much too small for even our precision long-necked bits to fit...This glue is stubborn, it really feels like I’m gonna break something.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Screw Size

The iFixit team specifically looked for any hardware related to the Double Tap feature and came up empty-handed.

But this year’s big feature is Double Tap, something that duplicates existing accessibility features, isn’t available at launch, and doesn’t require any fancy new hardware … Maybe we don’t need yearly watch upgrades.

The complete video of the teardown:

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