Apple Watch Series 8 versus Series 9

Apple Watch Series 8 versus Apple Watch Series 9 - Buyer's Guide

A close look at the Apple Watch Series 9

Apple recently lifted the curtains off the Apple Watch Series 9, making it available for pre-order a few days after the announcement. At first glance, the Series 9 may seem identical similar to its predecessor, maintaining its classic design. However, the real magic is embedded deep within its hardware.

Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 9 comparison infographic

Heart of the Watch: The Processor

At the core of the Series 9 is its groundbreaking S9 system-in-package (SiP), which promises a substantial increase in speed. For a quick historical insight, the previous models—Series 8 had the S8 chip, which bore resemblances to the older A13 processor of iPhone 11. In fact, Apple Watches since 2020 have been leveraging only specific cores of the A13. But with the S9 drawing from the A14, a leap in performance is possible given the A14's innovative 5nm manufacturing process.

Furthermore, Apple’s revamped Neural Engine, now equipped with four cores, takes the spotlight. This, combined with a 30% boost in the integrated graphics processor, ensures fluid animations, efficient dictation, on-device Siri capabilities, and much more.

Connectivity & Precision: Ultra Wideband

An important mention is the next-gen U2 ultra-wideband chip in the Series 9, enhancing its connectivity features. This chip simplifies the task of locating a misplaced iPhone. The watch doesn't just activate an audible alert on the phone; it also guides users right to its location through the Precision Finding feature. However, it's worth noting that the W3 wireless chip remains unchanged from the Series 8.

Brilliance in Display

Although the Series 9's display mirrors the size of the Series 8, its technical prowess is elevated. It offers a luminance of up to 2,000 nits, doubling that of the Series 8, with the always-on feature dimming to a mere 1 nit when required to extend battery life.

More Room for Music and Podcasts: Storage

Breaking tradition, Apple boosts the Series 9's storage to an impressive 64GB, ensuring music enthusiasts have ample space for their favorite tracks. This means jogging with just the watch and AirPods is a reality, eliminating the need for an iPhone or internet access.

Intuitive Interaction: Double Tap Gesture

A standout feature in the Series 9 is the innovative double-tap gesture, enabling users to manage key app functions without direct screen contact. A simple tap of the thumb and index finger has the power to answer calls, control music, and much more.

Subtle Tweaks in Design

In terms of dimensions, the Series 9 mirrors the Series 8. However, keen observers might appreciate the minuscule reduction in weight, making the Series 9 a tad lighter.

A Dash of Color

Apple Watch Series 9

Adding a hint of vibrancy to its lineup, Apple introduces a fresh pink shade, seamlessly complementing the new iPhone 15. However, fans of the traditional palette aren't left behind, with the classic color options still available.

Economical Delight: Price Point

Perhaps the cherry on top for European customers is the reduction in price. Though the U.S. price remains consistent at $399, both U.K. and European customers enjoy a welcome drop, making the Series 9 an enticing option.

In conclusion, while the Apple Watch Series 9 retains the beloved exterior of its predecessor, its internal advancements signify Apple's commitment to innovation. Whether you're contemplating an upgrade or a first-time purchase, this guide aims to make your decision a tad simpler.

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