apple watch ban ruling

Breaking News: Apple Watch Sales Back on Track After Court Grants Temporary Reprieve

In a significant turn of events, Apple has successfully obtained a temporary halt on the ban of its popular Apple Watch models. This development follows a recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, providing a much-needed respite for the tech giant amidst its ongoing legal tussle with Masimo over patent infringement issues.

The initial ban, impacting Apple Watches equipped with blood oxygen sensors, came into effect due to accusations of patent infringement. Apple's request to the International Trade Commission for a suspension of the ban until a conclusive decision in January was initially unsuccessful. However, the company's persistence paid off with the Court's latest decision.

In anticipation of the ban, Apple had taken proactive steps last week to halt the sales of its Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 through its online and physical stores. The restriction was solidified after no intervention from the Biden administration.

The recent court victory, however, has temporarily lifted the ban until January 10, breathing new life into Apple Watch sales. Moreover, Apple is actively working on a software update, which the company believes could permanently resolve the patent infringement issue. The effectiveness of this update in satisfying regulatory requirements is anticipated to be decided by January 12.

For those interested in the intricate details of this legal battle, the full appeal filed by Apple to the ITC ban is available for review. Additionally, stay updated with the ongoing developments in this case by following the latest news on 9to5Mac’s dedicated news hub.

Below, you'll find the official order from the court, marking a crucial moment in this unfolding story.

apple watch ban ruling
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