My Apple Watch Story

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank each of you.  Thank you to store visitors, customers, and repeat customers.  Karen and I are thankful for each of you!

As I was processing orders and answering emails I was wondering about each of your Apple Watch stories. So I thought I would share mine.  

I have been an Apple fan for my whole life.  Our family had an Apple II+ in the early 1980s and my mom, a pianist and teacher also dabbled in programming.  She wrote software for her students that would test them on music theory and aural skills.  It was really amazing for the time.

As for me, I'm a classical trumpet player with many interests.  I went to college at the Eastman School of Music and bought myself an Apple Newton message pad shortly after, right before I joined the United States Air Force Band.

Fast forward through many years, Apple products and life experiences.  I ordered my first Apple Watch on launch day. I ordered a few and flipped the others on eBay since they weren't easily available. Like many folks, I enjoyed it but didn't fully take advantage of what a powerful tool it is.  In 2018 while going through some challenging times personally I decided to make a definitive change in my fitness and nutrition.

I drew inspiration from my faith,  family,  friends,  Stoicism,  various philosophers,  and a few notable endurance athletes such as the incredible David Goggins. Through some miracle,  I completely changed my habits.

Apple Watch was there every day.  It was a brilliant accountability tool.  Its daily metrics allowed me to see longer-term trends and measure the accumulative benefits of small daily choices. I have a deep emotional bond with the watch for how I've been able to use it to improve my life and everything that flows from those small daily improvements.

Since 2018 I am 40 pounds lighter and healthier by every measure.  I have a VO2 max of an elite 22-year-old and I'm 48!  I have run many half marathons.  I even completed the David Goggins 4x4x48 event running 48 miles during one weekend and raising almost $3,000 for the children of fallen special operators. I'm incredibly thankful for my health and my beautiful family.  Apple Watch has played a role in improving every part of that.

The idea of Infinity Loops actually began as a passion project out of my sincere appreciation for Apple Watch. Like most of you, I enjoy it more than is rational.

All of that and so much more led me to create this store and miraculously have the opportunity to serve each of you.

How has Apple Watch improved your life?  I hope to hear from you.  I love a good story,  thank you for letting me share mine!

Phil Holland