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What Bands Fit Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has taken a leap into uncharted territory with the introduction of its latest innovation, the Apple Watch Ultra, designed specifically for outdoor adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts. This remarkable wearable marks a new era with its larger, more robust, and rugged design, setting it apart from any previous Apple Watch model. In tandem with this evolution, Apple offers a collection of rugged new Apple Watch bands, tailor-made to complement the watch's adventurous appeal.
Apple Watch Ultra product image | Infinity Loops
One burning question on everyone's mind is whether existing Apple Watch bands will fit the new Apple Watch Ultra. The simple answer is, yes, bands designed for the prior 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm models will fit the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra. However, there is a caveat for those purchasing the Apple Watch Ultra for its intended purpose.

While older Apple Watch bands can be mounted onto the larger Apple Watch, they might not appear perfectly suited to its considerable bulk. The Apple Watch Ultra represents the most substantial size increase ever seen in an Apple wearable, making many previous bands seem undersized and out of place against this rugged titan.

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One commendable aspect of Apple's approach is its dedication to band compatibility across the entire Apple Watch lineup. Bands that were purchased for the original 2014 Apple Watch can still be used seamlessly with the current Apple Watch Series 8 and even the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch bands have traditionally come in two standard widths: small and large. The small bands fit the 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm Apple Watch models, while the larger bands are compatible with the 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm models, as well as the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra.

Over the years, as Apple increased the display size with successive Series models, the changes in the wearable's width were relatively minor. However, with the Apple Watch Ultra, the screen size has expanded to 49mm, accompanied by a casing width of 44mm – a substantial increase of 6mm from the Series 8. This added width brings the Apple Watch Ultra to a new level of prominence and sets it distinctly apart from its predecessors.
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Despite the increase in size, Apple has skillfully positioned the mounts to ensure seamless compatibility with existing Apple Watch bands. However, due to the watch's behemoth dimensions, a standard Apple Watch band may not do justice to its rugged appeal when paired with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Recognizing the unique demands of outdoor activities, Apple has introduced a trio of entirely new and specialized Apple Watch bands: the Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band. Each band caters to a specific adventurous lifestyle, be it mountain climbing, hiking, or diving, with the Ocean Loop even designed to fit over a wetsuit.

The Infinity Loops Triathlete band is a great alternative to the Ocean Band and the Tacticool - Tactical band is a more robust alternative to the Alpine Loop.  Both offerings are available at a significant savings.

It's essential to understand that the Apple Watch Ultra is a statement piece, and pairing it with a standard Apple Watch band may not convey the right message. This premium wearable is purpose-built for serious outdoor enthusiasts, and choosing a band that aligns with the adventurous spirit it embodies is crucial.
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In conclusion, the Apple Watch Ultra marks a new frontier for outdoor adventurers, and its larger, more rugged design sets it apart from any previous model. Existing Apple Watch bands can be mounted onto this impressive wearable, but to truly embrace its spirit, Apple's new collection of specialized bands is the ideal choice. The Apple Watch Ultra is a powerful tool crafted for those embarking on demanding outdoor activities, and with the right band, it becomes an emblem of the adventurous lifestyle for which it was created.

Infinity Loops offers an incredibly selection of bands that are a perfect match for the size and style of the Apple Watch Ultra.

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