Threads Social Network Now Available on the Web

Threads Social Network Now Available on the Web

Meta's rival to Twitter, "Threads", has ushered in an eagerly anticipated feature: web access. Now, users can dive into the Threads social platform not only via their mobile devices but also through any web browser, be it on desktop or mobile.

Since its introduction in July, Threads was a mobile-exclusive experience, accessible solely via its dedicated apps. Its initial phase was somewhat simplistic, and Meta has been investing time to routinely introduce new features, with the aim to offer a service on par with Twitter.
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Web access for Threads began its rollout earlier this week. By today, it seems the availability has expanded considerably. Not having a web portal might have been a factor behind Threads seeing a drop in users, especially after a robust debut week attracting over 100 million users.

Presently, Threads offers web browsing capabilities and a linear timeline showcasing posts from your followed users. However, there's still room for improvement, as it currently misses out on some core functionalities, such as lists and direct messaging features.

One of Threads' strong suits is its seamless integration with Instagram, which bolsters its user numbers for such a nascent app. A fun tidbit: Infinity Loops has a presence on Threads, posting their content for users who wish to keep up with them beyond just Twitter and Facebook.

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