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Achieve Precise Activity Tracking with Apple Watch

Apple Watch employs personal data to tailor its activity tracking metrics. To maximize its efficiency, consider the following guidelines:

1. Update Personal Information

The watch considers details like height, weight, gender, and age to determine calorie burn and other metrics. To update:

iPhone health app user settings

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to My Watch > Health > Health Details.
  • Tap Edit and select the information you wish to change.

2. Ensure Accurate Move and Exercise Credits

A minute of movement at or above the intensity of a brisk walk contributes to your Exercise and Move goals. For Apple Watch Series 3 and later, the device adjusts the definition of 'brisk' based on your cardio fitness. For wheelchair users, 'brisk' refers to pushes.

  • Allow natural arm swing during walks to earn Exercise credit.
  • When using both hands, such as pushing a stroller, utilize the Workout app's Outdoor Walk setting.

3. Activate Wrist Detection

With Wrist Detection off, the watch cannot track your Stand progress or provide Stand notifications. Background heart rate readings are also disabled.

Watch App wrist detection settings for apple watch

  • Go to Watch app > My Watch > Passcode and ensure Wrist Detection is active.

4. Ensure Proper Fit

For optimal sensor readings, wear the watch comfortably: not too tight or loose, allowing your skin to breathe. Adjust the band tightness for workouts and relax afterward. Always wear the watch on top of your wrist.

5. Heart Rate Measurement Tips


For accurate heart rate readings during workouts:

  • Wear the watch snugly on the wrist so the sensor remains close to your skin.
  • Ensure Heart Rate is activated in Privacy settings (Watch app > Privacy).
  • With Apple Watch Series 3 and later, monitor cardio fitness levels during outdoor workouts.

6. Select the Appropriate Workout Type

In the Workout app, pick the option aligning with your activity. If an exact match isn't

watch os workout settings

available, use the Add Workout feature to select the closest match.

7. Calibrate Your Apple Watch

Enhance the accuracy of distance, pace, and calorie metrics by calibrating your watch, allowing it to better understand your fitness level and stride.

8. Factors Impacting Heart Rate Readings


Several elements can affect heart rate sensor readings:

  • Skin perfusion: Blood flow in the skin, which can differ among individuals and can be influenced by conditions like cold weather.
  • Skin changes: Tattoos can block sensor light, affecting readings.
  • Movement type: Consistent motions like running yield better readings than erratic movements like boxing.

For inconsistent readings, consider connecting the Apple Watch to external Bluetooth heart rate monitors. Remember, the watch uses various factors, including GPS and the accelerometer, to measure activity. The exact inputs depend on the nature of your workout.

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