Customizing Metropolitan Watch Face in Watch OS 10

Customizing Metropolitan Watch Face in Watch OS 10

The latest Apple Watch software, watchOS 10, brings a revised approach to accessing the Control Center and introduces the Smart Stack widget feature.

With the rollout of watchOS 10, users will notice alterations in how they interact with specific watch faces.

For instance, in watchOS 9, on the Apple Watch Ultra's Wayfinder face, users could transition between regular and night mode simply by rotating the Digital Crown. However, in watchOS 10, this same action on the watch face enables scrolling through the widgets, extending to the app launcher view.

Apple has transferred the night mode toggle to the regular watch face customization interface, now with an additional automatic setting.

Another watch face, Metropolitan, has been introduced. Differing from Wayfinder, Metropolitan is compatible with all Apple Watch versions that support watchOS 9 and subsequent versions.

Metropolitan offers customization options, allowing users to modify its color layout, dial design, color choices, and other complications to suit their preferences.

An intriguing, less evident feature of Metropolitan is the capability to alter the appearance of the numbers on the dial. In watchOS 9, rotating the Digital Crown would adjust the height and breadth of these numbers. However, watchOS 10 has assigned the rotation of the Digital Crown to the Smart Stack widget view. Notably, unlike the Wayfinder's night mode, Apple didn't transfer this unique feature to the standard watch face customizer; it remains slightly more concealed.

In watchOS 10, to modify the numbers' appearance on the Metropolitan face, users must first tap within the dial. This action dims complications outside the dial and the watch's hands within it. Subsequently, turning the dial adjusts the Metropolitan numbers' presentation.

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