Apple Watch Water Lock

How To Activate Water Lock and Eject Water from Apple Watch

To ensure your Apple Watch's display isn't inadvertently activated while submerged, you can employ the Water Lock feature. Subsequently, once you're out of the water, utilize the Digital Crown to expel any trapped water from the speaker of your watch. Here's a step-by-step guide.

The primary function of the Water Lock is to render the Apple Watch's display unresponsive to touch. This is vital to avert unintentional interactions when the device is underwater. Once you deactivate the Water Lock, the built-in mechanism ensures any residual water within the speaker is expelled.

Steps to Activate Water Lock

water lock control center in apple watch
1. With the watch face or an app in view, press and sustain contact at the bottom of the display.
2. Patiently await the Control Center to emerge, then execute an upward swipe. Notably, the Control Center is accessible from any interface or screen.
3. Seek and tap on the Water Lock button. water lock icon - apple watch Following this, you'll notice the Water Lock icon water lock icon -apple watch prominently positioned atop the watch face.

It's worth noting that the Apple Watch possesses an innate capacity to discern water-related activities. Consequently, Water Lock is automatically enabled during aquatic exercises such as swimming or surfing. Additionally, for those venturing on a scuba dive using the Apple Watch Ultra, this feature is autonomously activated.
eject water apple watch

Procedure to Deactivate Water Lock and Expel Water

1. Firmly press (or, in the case of watchOS 8 or its predecessors, rotate) the Digital Crown situated on your Apple Watch's side.
2. Continue until the watch interface indicates "Unlocked." Subsequent to this, a succession of audio tones is produced, which aids in discharging any lingering water from the speaker. Post this process, the display resumes its standard functionality.

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