Black Titanium Apple Watch Ultra

Rumor: New Black Titanium Apple Watch Ultra and Pink Series 9

Today there are new speculations that shed light on this year's potential Apple Watch lineup enhancements. If the whispers are to be believed, Apple has the Apple Watch Series 9 decked out with a fresh 'pink' shade, while the second iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra may come in an innovative black titanium variant.

These rumors were originally leaked by ShrimpApplePro via their Twitter account. Known for their accurate leaks about unreleased Apple devices, they've successfully piqued our curiosity again.

Backing up previous information from Bloomberg, they reveal that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9, and likely the Apple Watch Ultra 2, will be energized by an all-new processor. This would be a first since the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, and Bloomberg predicts this could lead to a significant performance

Pink Apple Watch Series 9

Joining the current range of midnight, starlight, silver, and (PRODUCT)RED, the anticipated Apple Watch Series 9 is expected to add a 'pink' variant. The choices for the stainless-steel version, however, are anticipated to stay constant with gold, graphite, and silver.

The packaging for the Apple Watch Series 9 might come in a smaller size this year, reflecting Apple's ongoing commitment to eco-

Black Titanium Apple Watch Ultra | Infinity Loops

Bloomberg had earlier reported that a black titanium shade was tested by Apple for the last year's Apple Watch Ultra, only to be shelved. However, they hint that we might see this color resurface in the upcoming second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, a claim seconded by ShrimpApplePro's tweet, "I can confirm this year we will have the black titanium this year along with the current standard titanium."

Lastly, ShrimpApplePro revealed that we might also see "at least one new iPad" this year, which they suspect to be the iPad mini 7. This model hasn't seen an update since its overhaul in September 2021, and there have been limited speculations about its future iteration.

Concept art from Parker Ortolani

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