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Gurman: Apple Gearing Up for Significant 'Apple Watch X' Overhaul with Fresh Band Mechanism and Additional Features.

In a recent Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman discusses Apple's plans for a significant makeover of the Apple Watch, tentatively named Apple Watch X. This redesigned watch might make its debut between 2024 to 2025, coinciding with the product's 10th anniversary. This upgrade could be the most transformative yet, especially after several years of subtle tweaks, with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 also seeing just incremental improvements.

Gurman mentions Apple's intentions to slim down the Watch X and perhaps introduce a novel magnetic system for securing and switching bands. Although Apple has consistently released new watch versions annually since its inception and plans to continue this trend, internal talks suggest a potential slowdown in this rapid release cycle. This is evident from the gradual decline in the introduction of new features over the years.

People involved in the development of new Apple Watches say the system takes up a considerable amount of space that could be better filled with a bigger battery or other components. 

The speculated shift from the traditional band-compatible slider to a magnetic system aims to economize space, possibly creating more room for a larger battery. Such a change, however, would render current bands incompatible with the new model. While Gurman isn't certain that the magnetic system will be implemented in the Watch X, it's evident that Apple is exploring groundbreaking modifications for the device. Additional advancements on the horizon include the anticipated micro-LED screen and blood pressure monitoring features.

Fans are optimistic that the Apple Watch X's evolution will parallel the significant transition witnessed from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone X.


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