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Apple Watch Ultra Gen 2 - What To Expect

In the previous year, Apple made waves by unveiling the Apple Watch Ultra, a unique blend of titanium, sapphire, and resilience. Priced at $799, this was Apple's effort to grab the extreme sport and ultra endurance market for smart watches.

As is normal for Apple various upgrade rumors have competed for headlines over the last year but as the September launch event nears current buzz suggests that Apple will be introducing a revised version with subtle enhancements this year.

While the changes aren't groundbreaking, prospective Apple Watch Ultra enthusiasts can anticipate a new color variant and possibly improved battery longevity.

Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen vs. Apple Watch Ultra: Key Distinctions

  • Upgraded Apple S9 SiP for enhanced performance
  • Extended battery life due to the new and more efficient chip
  • Exclusive watch faces designed for improved battery and performance, available only for Ultra 2 and Series 9
  • A fresh black titanium¬†option
  • Potential for new strap designs

Design & Proportions: Consistency is Key

The Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen is expected to remain consistent with its predecessor's design and dimensions. Iconic features such as the prominent digital crown and the versatile Action button will remain. Users can expect the same durable titanium casing with a protective sapphire glass front. The watch will maintain its IP68 rating, capable of withstanding pressures up to 5ATM, suitable for amateur diving.

The most notable variation could be the introduction of a black titanium option. Rumor has it that the black version will be added and the original titanium shade will remain as an option.

There's been speculation about a miniLED display for the Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen, but its inclusion in the 2023 model is doubtful at this point.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen is set to be released solely in a 49mm version, with no variations in size anticipated.

Band Options: Apple's Regular Flairblack titanium apple watch ultra band

With the introduction of every model, Apple consistently presents fresh strap designs and hues. The original Apple Watch Ultra brought forward unique straps like the Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band. The Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen is also likely to debut with a collection of novel strap designs.

Infinity Loops will be leading the way with new band options for the second generation Apple Watch Ultra. Be sure to check out our black titanium band for the second generation Ultra.

Performance & Attributes: A Leap Forward

Apple is finally transitioning from its longstanding chipset pattern. The forthcoming Apple S9 chip, derived from the Apple A15 Bionic‚ÄĒ the powerhouse behind the iPhone 13, 14, and 14 Plus‚ÄĒ is set to offer significant performance and battery advancements.

In contrast, the Apple Watch Series 6 through 8 all incorporated a chipset rooted in the Apple A13 Bionic.

Battery & Powering: Stable Yet Enhanced

It's unlikely the Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen will feature a different battery from its predecessor. However, the advanced chipset will offer a marked improvement in battery longevity, compared to the original Apple Watch Ultra.

Versions & Pricing: Consistency Maintained

The Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen will be available solely in a 49mm variant. With minimal changes, its price is expected to remain consistent with its forerunner, beginning at $799.


The second iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra is likely to offer only modest upgrades. It's anticipated to present minor improvements, chiefly in battery life and color options. Current Apple Watch Ultra owners might find little reason to switch to the new model, given the limited enhancements but we expect the reality distortion field to be in full effect in a few weeks!

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