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How I Use My Apple Watch To Run My Business: A Journey With Infinity Loops

Hello friends,

As the founder and owner of Infinity Loops, the thriving Apple Watch band store that celebrates style and functionality, I often find myself in a whirlwind of tasks - sourcing new Apple Watch bands, engaging with our amazing customers, handling logistics,

Apple Watch Ultra with Leather Band

and a lot more. Interestingly, amid all the frenzy, there's been one steadfast companion (besides Mrs. Infinity Loops) that’s been instrumental in streamlining my workflow and running my business - my Apple Watch.

Leveraging the Wonders of Technology

It began when I strapped on the Apple Watch for the first time, as an Apple fanboy that was a series 0, of course. I instantly discovered a world of opportunities. Here was a tool not just to keep time, but to manage time, one that could seamlessly blend into my professional life.

Managing Tasks and Meetings

The first thing that strikes you when you start using the Apple Watch in a professional capacity is the ability to stay organized. The ‘Reminders’ app has been a game-changer. With just a few taps, I can set reminders for meetings, deadlines, and more. And whenever I have a flash of inspiration for a new chore or a SEO idea, I simply raise my wrist and dictate a note to Siri. It’s like having a personal assistant on my wrist!

Apple Watch Ceramic band from Infinity Loops

Staying Connected

Next, communication. In a business that thrives on collaboration, my Apple Watch ensures I'm always connected. Whether it's a call from a supplier or a message from a customer, it all goes straight to my wrist. It's particularly useful when I'm away from my desk, inspecting the quality of our latest batch of bands or brainstorming new designs.

Best What's App Apple Watch App

Many overseas customers as well as suppliers use What's App to communicate and Watch Chat is an excellent Apple Watch app that lets me use What's App from my wrist.

Apple Pay - The Game Changer

An incredibly useful feature for me as a business owner has been Apple Pay. As we work with various vendors and suppliers, making payments swiftly and securely has never been easier. It has streamlined our financial operations, and the convenience of completing transactions right from my wrist still astounds me.

Harnessing the Power of Apps

I've found numerous third-party apps that enhance my productivity. Apps like 'QuickBooks' for accounting integrate wonderfully with the Apple Watch. Imagine tracking your project progress, chatting with your suppliers, and even tracking receipts for expenses, all from your wrist.

AutoSleep is one of my long time favorite apps for sleep tracking and it gets better all the time.

Best Sleep Tracking App for Apple Watch

Health - The Most Important Benefit

The most important use of the Apple Watch has been the health features. Running a store like Infinity Loops often means long hours and stress. The Activity Rings encourage me to take breaks, stretch, and even squeeze in quick workouts. It's not just a business tool, but a health companion too. I am a regular fitness enthusiast and use Apple Watch for its health and fitness features daily.

Gentler Streak Apple Watch App

I use the great app Gentler Streak along with the stock Workout app to track my daily exercise.

Final Words

My Apple Watch, equipped with our very own Infinity Loops band, has become more than a stylish accessory. It's a critical tool in managing my business effectively, ensuring I'm at the top of my game as I navigate the exciting challenges of running Infinity Loops. It's been an interesting journey, one where time has truly been on my side.

Whether you're a business owner, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the seamless blend of style and utility, there's an Apple Watch - and an Infinity Loop band - waiting to transform your world. So, why wait? It's time to loop in!

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