Apple Discontinues Leather Apple Watch Bands

Apple To Discontinue Leather Bands at Series 9 Launch [RUMOR]

Upcoming Changes to Apple's Accessories Line-Up

There's been some buzz lately about potential changes in Apple's accessory line, especially for the iPhone and Apple Watch. With Apple's special event just around the corner, speculation has been rife. Here's a rundown:

1. Bye-Bye, Leather?

Rumors suggest that Apple might be phasing out its leather products. There have been whispers about Apple replacing the leather iPhone cases with a different material. Now, similar speculations surround Apple Watch's leather bands.

2. The Apple-Hermès Partnership: A Possible End?

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg indicates Apple might move away from leather for its Apple Watch bands, potentially ending its collaboration with Hermès, which started in 2015. Fueling this speculation is Apple's hefty employee discounts on Hermès leather bands, reminiscent of what they did with the original HomePod before it was discontinued in 2021.


3. Out of Stock Indicators

Recently, several official Apple Watch leather bands, including the Modern Buckle and the Hermès models, are unavailable on Apple's site. The classic Link Bracelet, a staple since the inception of the Apple Watch, is also missing. The Infinity Loops titanium and steel collection offers some great alternatives to Apple's now absent offerings.

4. A Pivot Towards Sustainability

Leather's environmental impact, especially its carbon footprint, might be one reason behind this change. Apple's longstanding commitment to sustainability could be pushing the brand away from leather accessories. However, given the popularity of leather products for their premium feel, the question arises: What's next?

5. Enter "FineWoven"

iPhone 15 Finewoven Apple Case

There might already be an answer. Apple may be replacing leather iPhone cases with a new premium material. We've caught glimpses of what could be Apple's new "FineWoven" cases for the iPhone 15, seemingly a blend of soft fabric and silicone. Could the Apple Watch bands be next in line for this material?

We're all on pins and needles, waiting for the revelations at Apple's event on Tuesday, September 12. That's when we'll get the lowdown on the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and, hopefully, some clarity on these accessory rumors.

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